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Рецензия от Progressive World.net на альбом 'Between Two Mirrors' (in English)

Рецензия от Progressive World.net на альбом

Romislokus are Russian band who create a very moody, sometimes dark music... if the truth be told, aside from the occasionally energetic arrangements, this is a very, very dreary album, all presented in a very understated manner. Aside from the rather cold sounds of the programmed drums, the instrumentation is often warm, and often sounds both like Marillion and mid-to-late period Icehouse, but mostly I'd say that Romislokus sound like Dire Straits. All of which results in something that I'd call progressive dance, except that I'm sure that term has already been appropriated by some corner of the progressive music world, or even co-opted by some genre that wouldn't ordinary come under the scope of this site... not to belabor the point, of course. If you are at all familiar with either of those bands, and can throw a bit of Pink Floyd into the mix, and a bit of country, you'll have a good idea of what to expect.
Specifically, let me mention a few tracks. The opening track, 'Cold,' sounds like what Pink Floyd would be creating, having reached the dark side of the moon - that is, it's a little otherworldly and spacey. There are some electronic tones that appear sporadically that recall the X-Files theme. 'The Wood Cutter' picks up the pace, with an almost dance-like rhythm; something that is picked up on 'The Thunderstorm Is Coming,' which also has a bit of country twang to it. It was with the former track that I thought of Icehouse. While the programmed drums allow for the creation of unique percussive sounds, here they are too obviously programmed -- though it seems real drums appear on the last two pieces, 'Minute' and 'Jackdaws.' 'The Mist' is a jazzy piece, that is very in line with what one might expect from, if not Dire Straits (circa Brother In Arms), then Knopfler solo. I can't see much of a sonic difference here with a real drummer, however. It continues in a country twang, has, at one point, spiraling keyboard effects that sound right out of 'Cannibal Surf Babe,' (again Marillion, but then I'm sure they were inspired by some 60s source themselves), but is delivered in an understated, almost dreary manner. The flute like tones here recall many a new age piece, and if it weren't for the darker, rounded, bass tones, would seem a little light. 'Through The Love' is somewhat Marillion-esque musically.
Two vocalists are mentioned, Evgeniy Gorelov (keyboards) and Yuriy Smolnikov (rhythm guitar), but I'm not sure which vocalist's singing lead -- other reviews of this and of their second album, mention Yuriy, so... Yuriy's style is an amalgam of mainly Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler, and with a dash of Roger Waters here and there. 'Three Colors,' which closes the album, shows the deep bottom end of Gorelov's range. Almost Barry White deep, but not as seductive (nor intending to be). Those vocals are, by the way, sung in Russian. The lyrics aren't included, but are available in both languages at their website.
As mentioned, the band have a second release out, Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn, which is getting good notices. While Between Two Mirrors is not the most exciting album I've heard, neither is it intended to be. The vocals do seem to be much moodier than the music, and this isn't always for the betterment of the particular track, but Romislokus aren't a bad band either. I think I'm most put off by the programmed drums, but they're not something that would keep from listening to this again. I think that they achieve the sonic effect the band were looking for.
More about Between Two Mirrors:
Track Listing: Cold (4:20) / The Wood Cutter (3:14) / Give A Chance (2:41) / Through The Love (2:48) / The Thunderstorm Is Coming (4:53) / The Mist (4:11) / Termites (6:00) / Minute (3:55) / Jackdaws (4:21) / Three Colors (6:55)
Evgeniy Gorelov - keyboards, vocals
Irina Yunakovskaya -cello
Mihail Voronov - solo-guitars Mijail Brovarnik - bass
Yuriy Smolnikov - rhythm guitar, vocals
Inna Galasheva - drums (8, 9)
Maksim Karavaev - computer effects (10)

Июнь, 2002.

Stephanie Sollow


Рецензия от RockNet на альбом 'Between Two Mirrors' (in English)

Рецензия от RockNet на альбом

Slowly but certainly Rocknet is becoming a settled website on the internet. In the year-and-a-half we've been going at it, more and more bands are finding us without us spamming guestbooks, forums and newsgroups. So did Romislokus. All of a sudden there was mail from Russia. If we would be interested in receiving a copy of 'Between Two Mirrors'. Now who are we to decline such a gracious offer? So having absolutely no idea what this band is all about, I slided this disk into my cd player.
And I was in for a surprise.
This is by no means a rock release. The music you'll find on this disk is moody, dark synthesizer stuff. Chroma Key comes to mind. I think that's the closest thing we've ever featured on Rocknet.
The programmed drums and abundant synthesizers make for a filmic vibe. But the addition of cello was a good move. It lends the music an organic character other synth dependant releases often lack. Most of the songs are slow to mid-tempo tracks. The first two songs will give you a pretty good idea of what you're up against here.
Personally I like the songs where the vocals are in a haunting low key. The two singers Evgeniy Gorelov and Yuriy Smolnikov (I have no idea who sings what) both fit the music well enough, but it's the moody stuff that caught my attention. Songs like 'The Thunderstorm Is Coming' are cool in their own right, with subtle cello parts and distinctly mechanical drum rhythms, but it's songs like 'The Mist' and 'Cold' that take the prize.
I don't know how many Russian releases make it to Europe on a noticeable scale, but this one, if available, is definitely worth checking out. Go and check out http://romislokus.com; maybe you'll find out how to get a copy there.
And if you're ever able to get your hands on this make sure to check out 'The Mist' and pay attention to the excellent guitar sound. It blends seemlessly with the song, and is one of the most original approaches to guitar tracking I have heard in a while. An mp3 download of this tune is available from the Romislokus website
This will probably appeal to a small number of people, but those who dig this kind of stuff, or are open to new experiences could well be in for a treat. Pay attention though: the titles are mentioned here in English, but the actual vocals are in Russian!
Eef Vink

Февраль, 2002.

Eef Vink


Рецензия от Bizarre Fanzine на альбом 'Between Two Mirrors' (in English)

Рецензия от Bizarre Fanzine на альбом

Debut release (I think) from this Russian electronic based band.
Electronic with strong progressive overtones that draw on the likes of King Crimson, Tangerine Dream and Legendary Pink Dots. A mix of electronic and acoustic instruments have been used including cello and guitars melded with drum machine and sequencers.
Spoken-sung vocals in Russian are up close and personal like a male version of Anne Clarke.
They have a commercial edge to their sound that's reminiscent of the likes of Genesis.

Январь, 2003.



Рецензия от Eufonia.net на альбом 'Between Two Mirrors' (in English)

Рецензия от Eufonia.net на альбом

From Russia... with a lot of creativity! An enjoyable surprise.
This is hard-to-define music. Although you have the impression that you've heard it somewhere else, you can't tell where. This is maybe because of the combination of various elements: programming, cello, bass, guitars, the whole musical mood, the freshness, the use of their language (even if you don't understand Russian: you can check the lyrics at their official website), and finally, the fact that this music comes from Russia.
The album opens with the ambient 'Cold' (maybe I have to use the term 'slower beat'). It's not until 'The Wood Cutter' that you begin to realize what to expect of 'Between Two Mirrors'. The style begins to 'change' although interestingly, the mood prevails thanks to the good guitar reverb and Yuriy's voice narrating -not singing- in 'Through the love'. The singing begins in my favorite for airing in the radio: 'The Thunderstorm Is Coming' where the whole band make a superb job. Even when it's the track with the most synthetic drum programming, it's the album first single.
The band continues to grow with the melancholic 'The Mist'. Cello and bass along with the bells identifies the origins of Romislokus in the powerful 'Termite' (my favorite along with 'The Thunderstorm...'), followed by the psicho-technodelic 'Minute', the ballad on 'Jackdaws' and the culmination with the superb 'Three Colors'.
And please, don't misunderstand me: this album doesn't come to its final tracks from a less quality beggining. Romislokus open our ears track by track to a concert of creativity and good music. If we can obviate some production details that you may notice only at the end of each track: sometimes very abrupt (or it is my subconscious that doesn't want the songs to end?), this is a great debut!

Сентябрь, 2001.

Ciro Velazquez


Рецензия от Progressiove&Metall Music e-zine на альбом 'Between Two Mirrors' (in English)

Рецензия от Progressiove&Metall Music e-zine на альбом

The project Romislokus was started shortly before the beginning of the XXI century. At present, due to the switch over to the computer technologies, the electronic- acoustic music has become more preferable. They used linear and plane vision of sounding objects. The basic musical blocks have been arranged, the signal row of each of them has been put in order. The tasks of musical dramatic composition are solved according to software. That is, the starting-point of the listener will be shifted relatively to the music, and vice versa, the musical objects aren’t static either, some of them are able to shift relatively to the basic structure. By means of musical dramatic composition they try to construct the world in its diversity, to reflect the reality by means of interaction of 3 aggressive mediums constructed by us: organic, in-organic and intermediate medium, which can’t be defined, and is associated with the magnetic and other fields. If They’ll judge it from the point of view of mechanics, the human voice and the cells are in charge of organics, the computer and the synthesizer are in charge of the in-organics and the electronic guitars and the processor is the link between them. This is the Internet project, in which the specialists of different spheres of knowledge are busy working out projects in the field of new electroacoustic music. You never know what is waiting for you at the end of the way. When creating a musical composition, one is guided by the listener inside oneself, evaluates oneself, passes a sentence upon oneself, and only having finished the work, submits a ready composition on court of the audience. ('By Romislocus').
Well, It's very hard to describe the music of this Russian project, let's go back to years 70 and make a blend with the bands 'Embryo', 'Kraftwerk', 'Can', 'Vangelis' and others in the same musical line, now let?s go to the future and including new electronic technologies, you will have a amazing Ambient and Experimental sounds with travelling space rhythmics, all vocals are in Russian with great instrumental variation. 'Between Two Mirros' is a self production with ten tracks. I have my special and particular attention to: 'Cold' (One of the Best), 'The Wood Cutter', 'The Thunderstorm Is Coming', 'The Mist', 'Termites' and 'Three Colors'. Romislokus are: Evgeniy Gorelov - Keyboards, Vocal, Attorney, Irina Unakovskaya - Viola, Mihail Voronov - Lead Guitar, Mihail Brovarnik - Bass, Uriy Smolnikov - Rhythm Guitar, Vocal and Drums and bass programming – Romislokus. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable…

Август, 2001.

Carlos Alberto Vaz Ferreira





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