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Рецензия от Alternative Rock Review на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

The guys from Russian progressive rock band Romislokus' sent me their third album 'All Day Home' all the way from Moscow. The band consist of (takes a deep breath) Smolnikov, Mikhail Voronov, Mikhail Brovarnik, Anna Goya (violino), Irina Yunakovskaya (violon cello), Evgeniy Gorelov (keyboards), Dmitriy Shelemetev and Maksim Karavaev.
I falsely assumed the music would be generic heavy metal before listening to a note, but was surprised to hear melodic, 70s influenced classic rock with synthesiser tones. My immediate reaction was mellow Pink Floyd, although I've read other reviewers mention Tindersticks and Roxy Music as comparisons.
The previous album 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' (cool title BTW) was exclusively sang in Russian lyrics, understandable as Romislokus are singing in native tongue. However, 'All Day Home' features lyrics performed in English with exception of two tracks, one in Italian, the other in French. I don't know why for this change as I would have enjoyed the Russian lyrics, maybe it's to break the Western market and expand the fan-base further.
This record is so unfashionable that it's very refreshing to hear when most bands are jumping onto the latest rap-metal/post-grunge trends - the electronics employed are more vintage analogue than 21st Century cutting edge. Take second track ''Dreg' as a case in point, the relaxing vibe of the verses are accompanied with strings and other subtle touches, that is until the chorus comes in with the gruff growl of the word DREG!. repeatedly forcing it's way into the brain. I quite like 'L'amour' as well, naturally sang in French, and is an all too brief 2:55 minutes long. Ah yes, the melodic 'Freedom' has a very interesting intro guitar riff, launching into a mid-tempo rocker with flourishes of ambient textures. The following 'I'm Tired' keeps to the mid-tempo formula but this time has a jazzy feel, and the straining of the words I'm Tired encapsulating the mood of the song.
Normally 70's styled prog-rock leaves me bored, but 'All Day Home' kept my interest throughout, mainly listening out for the diverse instruments that enlivened a song when it appeared it was going no-where. The choruses are strong, especially on 'Dreg' and due to not following modern trends, it's highly unlikely the album will date. All in all I give Romislokus the thumbs up if you like laid-back rock with diversity.

Март, 2003.

Nick Collings


Рецензия от ProgNaut.com на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от ProgNaut.com на альбом

Artist: Romislokus
Title: All Day Home
Producted by: Romislokus
Label/ Date: Self release/ 2002
1. Cool [3:35]
2. Dreg [4:45]
3. L'amour* [3:03]
4. If [5:38]
5. Freedom [4:17]
6. I'm Tired [4:08]
7. Name [2:51]
8. Persici** [4:37]
9. Tree By The Wall [6:11]
10. Captain Zero [5:42]
* sung in French
** sung in Italian
The Review:
Romislokus's third release All Day Home is a very nice collection of art rock/ prog pop music.
Romislokus is Russia's answer to the American prog pop band such as Izz, Bubblemath & some of Echolyn with it's memorable melodies and catchy yet complex instrumentation.
Very modern with the usage of computers and keyboards. Seems that they did their homework. The music is very atmospheric and sombre, while a bit more aggressive in some parts that wasn't evident in their last CD.
With this release they added a different element than in the previous efforts, the addition of English lyrics. This in my opinion opens more dors for the band especially within the afore mentioned band's fan base.
Romislokus has a bright future and I hope that more people are turned on to this wonderful band! Maybe this review may help?
~Ron for ProgNaut.com [February 16th, 2003]
Band Members:
Evgeniy Gorelov - Keyboards
Mikhail Voronov - Guitars
Yuri Smolnikov - Rhythm-guitar, Vocals
Dmitriy Shelemetev - Drums
Maksim Platunov - Computers
Mikhail Brovarnik - Bass
Irina Yunakovskaya - Cello

Февраль, 2003.

Ron Fuch


Рецензия от Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

I need to let my review of their previous album, Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn stand as-is, because it's still how I feel about that album. But All Day Home is an entirely different beast. It would be difficult to call this album "Easy Listening", though there are still some similarities to The Alan Parsons Project, but this time I mean the more interesting parts, not the more boring ones.
Most importantly, the music now sounds much more rock, with far better guitar playing and drumming. There's some good rock keyboards here too, in addition to swoopy synthesizers which now sound like they have a point instead of just being there for the sake of making strange noises. Gone are the sweet string sections that made their previous release sound "Easy Listening". The vocals have improved too, and are now sung in English, French and Italian ... that's right, no Russian vocals on this release! That may not go over well with the folks back home (or maybe it will?), but it will help with the international audience Romislokus is obviously trying to attract. There's hardly a month that goes by where I don't get an e-mail from Romislokus with a new MP3 file they've just finished that's posted on their web site to listen to. They're obviously serious, dedicated and prolific.
Yeah, I would still have to say "breaks no new ground", but I would NOT say any more that they aren't that progressive. This album should appeal to fans of melodic prog with nice vocals and '70's "classic rock" touches (especially the guitars and studio effects). I can recommend this album without hesitation unless you're a glutton for strangeness and pushing the boundaries ... Romislokus has little to offer you if that's the case.
And it's taken me long enough to get this album reviewed that they've already released their next one, Trans Aviation Pilots, which Evgeniy Gorelov has promised to send me. I'll let you know about that one as soon as I hear it.

Февраль, 2004.

Fred Trafton


Рецензия от prog Visions на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от prog Visions на альбом

You can hear the Roxy Music influence the first moment of the first track on the new Romislokus album. Though singer Yuri Smolnikov is no Bryan Ferry, the bouncy, catchy melody is inescapably Roxy’s. Shifting gears from a somewhat experimental space/trance progressive rock band, the Russian group now ventures into Art Rock and with mixed results.
The band consist of Evgeniy Gorelov on keyboards, Mikhail Voronov playingGuitars, Yuri Smolnikov on rhythm-guitar, vocal, Dmitriy Shelemetev onDrums, Maksim Platunov programming computers, Mikhail Brovarnik on bass, and Irina Yunakovskaya on cello.
After opening with 'Cool', the next few tracks, 'Dreg', 'If', 'Freedom', and 'I’m Tired', mix a blend of mellow avant garde electronica with indiscrimative mediocrity. That’s not to say that the songs are bad, it’s just that they blend together and virtually sound like the same track. There’s also the obligatory French lyrics. Though a drummer is listed, the continual use of a drum machine is a nuisance in that the programming sounds like some of the 80s style prototypes that doesn’t get in there and kick ass. There’s some crunchy guitar here and there, but nothing really comes out at you.
Track 7, 'Name' is a playful and melodic ditty that gets you almost wanting to dance, but it has a wonderful nostalgic element about it as well. 'Persici' is sung in Spanish, adding to Romislokus Euro Art-rock aspirations. The last three tracks in fact, give the album a strong ending, leaving you wondering what happened to the middle.The closer, 'Captain Zero' is a great alt-rock tune in the vein of the UK band James.
And I like all the swirling synth effects though out as the band certainly knows how to weave electronic subtleties better than even Roxy Music did. The greatest problem is the songs themselves. The CD is sandwiched by good tracks (one being a lift off their previous album), but contains a lot of filler. Obviously, continual listens bring out the differences in songs, but the album still lacks the overall punch and inspiration of their earlier works.
If you like the Art-Rock side of progressive rock or the 'Avalon' era of Roxy Music, you may find something you like here. But my suggestion to Romislokus is that if the band wants to pursue the art-rock scene, they pay closer attention to the writing of more diverse, captivating songs.
Rating: Average

Декабрь, 2002.

Richard Zywotkiewicz


Рецензия от Home of Rock на альбом 'All Day Home' (in German)

Рецензия от Home of Rock на альбом

Andere Lдnder - andere Sitten. ROMISLOKUS kommen aus Russland und bezeichnen sich selbst als progressive Rockband, oder besser als progressives Rockprojekt.
Mit den herkцmmlichen westlichen Vorstellungen von progressiver Musik haben ROMISLOKUS allerdings wenig gemein. Man muss schon das Wort 'progressiv' im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes als 'fortschrittlich' ьbersetzten. Doch selbst dann wird sich der von internationalen Klдngen verwцhnte, oder soll ich besser sagen ьbersдttigte Hцrer fragen, was an "All day home" fortschrittlich sein soll. Hier und da ein Fiepsen oder Zirpen aus dem Computer ist neben je einem Titel in franzцsischer und italienischer Sprache so ziemlich das einzige was ROMISLOKUS von einer relativ traditionellen Rockband abhebt.
Gut, ROMISLOKUS warten mit einer erstaunlichen Stilvielfalt auf, pendeln zwischen Rock und Chanson, hier etwas Italo-Pop der anspruchsvolleren Sorte, da ein Bossa Nova... und doch kцnnte ich mir jeden Song auf einem Album der DIRE STRAITS, von Chris Rea oder U2 vorstellen.
Selbst wenn man den Exotenbonus in die Waagschale wirft, kцnnen ROMISLOKUS nur bedingt ьberzeugen. Im direkten Vergleich mit meinen Lieblingsrussen RAKOTH sehen ROMISLOKUS kein Land. Hin und wieder lдsst Mikhail Voronov seine Gitarre zwar richtig schцn aufheulen, aber mit diesem Pfund wuchten die Wahl-Moskauer viel zu selten.
"All day home" ist ein handwerklich solides Machwerk, was allerdings keine groЯe Ьberraschung ist, verfьgen die Mitwirkenden doch ьber langjдhrige Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Bands oder sind sogar als Musiklehrer tдtig. Kompositorisch herrscht trotz der Stilvielfalt allerdings ьberwiegend Langeweile und man ist geneigt das Thema ROMISLOKUS einfach abzuhaken und ad acta zu legen...
... wдre da nicht das abschlieЯende Captain zero. Da ist ROMISLOKUS wirklich ein starker Song gelungen, der ьber echte Ohrwurmqualitдten verfьgt und bei dem Cellistin Irina Yunakovskaya wunderschцne Akzente setzt.
Von der Sorte das nдchste Mal bitte mehr... dann klappt es auch mit der Anerkennung auf internationaler Ebene.

Октябрь, 2003.

Martin Schneider





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