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Рецензия от ProgNaut.com на альбом 'Trans Aviation Pilots' (in English)

Рецензия от ProgNaut.com на альбом

Romislokus return with 'Trans Aviation Pilots' . They continue to evolve their sound to an art rock with some old school progressive and spacey sound effect via computers. I've had the pleasure to review three of their four releases and with each one I’ve been proud and honored that the band sends me their music to review. I doubt that I’d ever see them live but maybe that could be remedied with a possible live cd? Who knows, right?
Back to the music, like in previous releases, there are so many different styles, it’s hard to classify the sound on 'Trans Aviation Pilots' but it has a basis in rock music with some experimentations again through computers, violins and other non rock instruments.
Romislokus’ has their own brand of “progressive rock”. Nothing too complex but nothing generic either. A nice in-between that will cater to fans of surrealist and ethereal style of music. Romislokus is a bright star in a very dismal rock world but this Moscow based band shows they can rock while putting intelligent instrumentation throughout. Keep an eye or ear on these guys, they’re bound to attract attention soon. Highly recommended to fans of Izz, Spock’s Beard (Mark II) and Echolyn.

Апрель, 2004.

Ron Fuch


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