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Рецензия от 1340mag.com на альбом 'Trans Aviation Pilots' (in English)

Рецензия от 1340mag.com на альбом

Romislokus is a Russian band out of Moscow. They describe their music as 'post rock, new alternative, progressive rock.' 'Trans Aviation Pilots' is their fourth CD.

I would personally describe it as 'euroblues rock' if I can coin a category; it's very bluesy eurorock. It's really, really listenable. It has some interesting tonalities that we usually don't hear in music from the US. I have to admit this CD had to grow on me. I didn't get it the first couple times I listened to it. After the first three or four times I really started to hear and enjoy it, but it's worth the effort. It's clear English isn't the singer Yuri Smolnikov's first language but that doesn't detract from the sound at all. There are several songs which are sung in Russian (Cyrillic?), too, which add another interesting flavor to the CD. The disc is nicely produced, equal to other recordings of this type. It also includes a music video which is interesting although it's almost a grunge styled look.

If you're into more mellow blues rock or eurorock this CD is worth checking out. Three of the songs can be downloaded from their web site.

Key track: Trance Aviation Pilots, Being in a Plastic Box, Dreg (Video clip)

Апрель, 2004.

John Venvertloh


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