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Рецензия от Mario’s Metal Mania на альбом 'Trans Aviation Pilots' (in English)

Romislokus is a Russian band that is formed by bandleader Yuri Smolnikov. Yuri is a musician since 1973 and has a lot of experience. This Cd is a very strange, progressive pop/rock CD with a lot of keyboards in it. It had to listen to it several times before i could give it a honest review. Everybody who knows me, can confirm that i have a very wide range of rock interest. From commercial music (Heart, Europe) till extreme bands (Repulsion, Cradle of Filth). Romislokus is a band that i can't place anywhere, very strange songs, weird vocals....i really don't know what to do with this CD... Some of the songs remind me to Neil Morse / Spocks Beard but thats the only comparison i can make. Romislokus did a good job on this album but to be honest; it's not my style of music. I even think it does not even belong on my website....It's not METAL.......

Апрель, 2004.

Mario van Dooren


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