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Рецензия от Exposй на альбом 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' (in English)

This is a Russian band about which I know very little. At times, their combination of somewhat spacey rhythms, messed-up electronic noises, and Russian singing, is fairly interesting, but at other times the wimpy production and unappealing vocals bring down what could otherwise be enjoyable. The music tends to the pretty, and even comes off as a sort of AOR/New Age hybrid I find indistinguishable from any number of anonymous bands around the world. The presence of violin and cello in the band helps a bit, but the arrangements give them little to do. For all the nifty electronic effects employed subtly in the background, the keyboard sounds are pretty stock New Age issue strings and chimes. I can imagine this might appeal to fans of lyrical music who don’t mind the blandness, but I look for a little more passion in music, and the occasional distorted electric guitar parts are not enough to break up the good-natured drifting of the rest of the music. Their do-it-yourself attitude to the recording and even cover art is to be commended, I suppose, but that doesn’t make it compelling on artistic merits. This goes to show that there still is a need for professional recording studios and experienced producers.

Май, 2002.

Jon Davis


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