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Рецензия от Progressive World.net на альбом 'Single 2003' (in English)

Рецензия от Progressive World.net на альбом

Romislokus. The most endearing band in Russia. Alright, alright, some people might reasonably argue that the Red Elvises is the most endearing band from Russia. And some men will definitely vouch for tATu, although sexual preference will definitely be the only factor considered in that case. But goddamn it, right now I say Romislokus is the most endearing band in Russia, and if one of my two remaining loyal readers disagrees, they can just desert and forget they ever crossed paths with me! (Great, I have just diminished my following by a half…)

Leaving matters of court martial aside, however, here is why Romislokus is so endearing: not only are these Russian musicians recording new material every chance they get and making it available to the public, and not only are they genuinely nice guys, but they are one very reliable unit as far as the quality of their output is concerned. Despite the band’s subtle musical evolution, which takes it away from both the progressive and its Russian roots step by step into a sound that each day is closer to that of a slightly dark eighties British pop ensemble, each Romislokus release is pretty much as enjoyable as the other, with a consistency that would make Michael Schumacher proud. There will be a few pieces of catchy brilliance, a few middle-of-the-road tracks, and a couple of tunes that the listener could pretty much do without. The production will unfortunately be too thin. The end result will be pleasant, if not outstanding. The best song on the album will be embedded in one’s brain for days. And one will be left wondering where these crazy Russians would be if they had a hot-shot producer at the helm.

The best song on the album, by the way, is probably 'Trance Aviation Pilots,' with its calm melancholy flow and elegant guitar sparseness. Otherwise, it is usually when Romislokus turns the amps up or decides to bring on a bit of anxiety that the listener is helplessly engaged, such as with the angular pop of 'Come Tomorrow,' the effective tension of 'Теряю Время (Loosing The Time),' or the fun rock of either 'Rocking Time' or 'In Flanders Fields.' As for the rest of the songs … well, you figure it out from the preceding paragraph. And while it is unfortunate that Romislokus has not yet released an effort that justifies a landmark status, its fans should be quite glad that the band has yet to disappoint them, and gladder even that these Russians don’t seem to have any interest in throwing in the towel anytime soon!

Rating: 3.5/5

Июль, 2004.

Marcelo Silveyra


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