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Рецензия от RockNet на альбом 'Between Two Mirrors' (in English)

Рецензия от RockNet на альбом

Slowly but certainly Rocknet is becoming a settled website on the internet. In the year-and-a-half we've been going at it, more and more bands are finding us without us spamming guestbooks, forums and newsgroups. So did Romislokus. All of a sudden there was mail from Russia. If we would be interested in receiving a copy of 'Between Two Mirrors'. Now who are we to decline such a gracious offer? So having absolutely no idea what this band is all about, I slided this disk into my cd player.
And I was in for a surprise.
This is by no means a rock release. The music you'll find on this disk is moody, dark synthesizer stuff. Chroma Key comes to mind. I think that's the closest thing we've ever featured on Rocknet.
The programmed drums and abundant synthesizers make for a filmic vibe. But the addition of cello was a good move. It lends the music an organic character other synth dependant releases often lack. Most of the songs are slow to mid-tempo tracks. The first two songs will give you a pretty good idea of what you're up against here.
Personally I like the songs where the vocals are in a haunting low key. The two singers Evgeniy Gorelov and Yuriy Smolnikov (I have no idea who sings what) both fit the music well enough, but it's the moody stuff that caught my attention. Songs like 'The Thunderstorm Is Coming' are cool in their own right, with subtle cello parts and distinctly mechanical drum rhythms, but it's songs like 'The Mist' and 'Cold' that take the prize.
I don't know how many Russian releases make it to Europe on a noticeable scale, but this one, if available, is definitely worth checking out. Go and check out http://romislokus.com; maybe you'll find out how to get a copy there.
And if you're ever able to get your hands on this make sure to check out 'The Mist' and pay attention to the excellent guitar sound. It blends seemlessly with the song, and is one of the most original approaches to guitar tracking I have heard in a while. An mp3 download of this tune is available from the Romislokus website
This will probably appeal to a small number of people, but those who dig this kind of stuff, or are open to new experiences could well be in for a treat. Pay attention though: the titles are mentioned here in English, but the actual vocals are in Russian!
Eef Vink

Февраль, 2002.

Eef Vink


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