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Рецензия от InternetEd Music Review Site на альбом 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' (in English)

Рецензия от InternetEd Music Review Site на альбом

1. The Snow Of The Rails
2. The Face Of A City
3. 78
4. Absolute Control
5. It Is Winter
6. Miss The Target
7. A Tree By The Wall
8. Tuner
9. Substance
10. Smoke
Romislokus is an experimental musical force that should not be overlooked. These capable Russian musicians combine elements of acoustic and electronic music to construct a unique sound that is part progressive and part ambient/atmospheric, forming a fusion that is unclassifiable in any other way. The acoustic side of Romislokus' sound is represented by violin, cello, drums, and vocals, while the electronic side is represented by keyboards--the electric guitar falls somewhere in between, acting as the bridging force between these instruments. Though the song titles are in English, the lyrics themselves are sung (very skillfully) in Russian. However, this does not serve as a barrier to identifying with Romislokus' sound in any way because the music itself transcends language in its subtle brilliance.
The digital noises that introduce album opener 'The Snow Of The Rails' seamlessly lead to the song's clever drum, bass, and guitar interplay, which in turn lend their sound nicely to singer Yuri Smolnikov's soft but powerful vocals. Pristine and ambient, 'The Face Of A City' utilizes staccato guitar melodies with precise rhythmic cohesion, and also includes a memorable chorus that is melded to acoustic instrumentation in the form of string accompaniment. An experimental ambience pervades over the keyboard and guitar driven '78' with its large-scale composition and mood shifting nature combined with a plethora of diverse sounds from bells, to violin, to distorted guitar. The eerie 'Absolute Control' begins with powerful marching music and later shifts to a more progressive nature, showing this group's talent for combining electronic and acoustic elements. In 'It Is Winter,' musical bells ring both ominously and joyously in proclaiming the arrival of winter, as the song's crystalline guitar notes resound in a rich enveloping harmony. The bass driven 'Miss The Target' is full of subtle ambience accented by Yuri's deftly restrained vocals, while 'A Tree By The Wall' is an introspective piece backed by rich atmospheric keyboards, subtle rhythms, and excellent melodies. Surprisingly, 'Tuner' leans toward techno/dance music in its bassy motions and catchy looping guitar notes, and on the opposite end of the scale, the emotional and mostly acoustic song 'Substance' uses beautiful string playing and controlled vocals to deliver its musical power. Album closer 'Smoke' proves to be a majestic song complete with smooth instrumentation and expressive melody, blending the album's pervading atmosphere perfectly. Overall, Romislokus' Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn is a very good album that transcends genres and, in so doing, presents a sound that is distinctly ambient and astoundingly memorable.
Summary: A unique progressive/ambient musical experience

Март, 2002.

Justin Becke


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