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Рецензия от MusicDish Industry e-Journal на альбом 'Between Two Mirrors' (in English)

Рецензия от MusicDish Industry e-Journal на альбом

I went to my PO Box and was surprised to see a package from Russia. In all my years of covering independent bands from around the world, this was a first. I felt honored and flattered that a group from that far away would bother to send me their CD. Out of curiosity I took the CD and put it in my stereo and flipped through the tracks to listen to bits of each song. I heard Russian lyrics and some ambient music. I had my doubts if this was something that would catch my ear. I put the CD to the side with the intent on getting back to it the next day. What a difference a day makes. I had new ears and more of an open mind this time around to give this music a fair shot. I really liked what I heard. I didn't understand the lyrics but I did notice the lead singer had a good voice. The music is an interesting blend of ambient and progressive with just a slight hint of jazz around the edges. The entire CD was something new and different for me. That is something that a reviewer desperately needs at times and this recording filled that desire very nicely. There are some beautiful keyboards and vocals provided by Evgeniy Gorelov, Irina Yunakovskaya plays the cello to add the classical touch, Mihail Voronov fills in the spaces with some great guitar work, and Mijail Brovarnik holds down the backbeat on bass with Yuriy Smolnikov on drums.
This isn't real exciting music, it's too ethereal and light to fall into that category. This is the kind of music you need to sit down and listen to intently to decide what it can do for you, it's simple as that. It was a relaxing trip to outer space for me. We all need to leave this plane on occasion to regenerate and this music opened that door.
More about Between Two Mirrors:
Track Listing: Cold / The Wood Cutter / Give A Chance / Through The Love / The Thunderstorm Is Coming / The Mist / Termites / Minute / Jackdaws / Three Colors
Evgeniy Gorelov - keyboards, vocals
Irina Yunakovskaya - cello
Mihail Voronov - guitars
Mijail Brovarnik - bass
Yuriy Smolnikov - guitar, vocals
Inna Galasheva - drums (8, 9)
Maksim Karavaev - computer effects (10)

Октябрь, 2001.

Keith 'Muzikman' Hannaleck


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