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Рецензия от RockNet на альбом 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' (in English)

Рецензия от RockNet на альбом

Not too long ago Romislokus wrote us and asked us to do a review of their - at that time - current album. Of course we agreed, and that review should be available in our 'archives' section.
Apparently that record had been around for a while by then, because soon after this 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' followed. Another cool release by our Russian friends.
The music is pretty much what we've come to expect from Evgeniy Gorelov (keyboards), Mikhail Voronov (guitars), Yuri Smolnikov (guitars, vocals), Dmitriy Shelemetev (drums) Maksim Karavaev (computers), Mikhail Brovarnik (bass) Irina Unukavskaya (cello) and Anna Goya (violyn / vocals).
Still, there are some differences. This record sounds a little more modern, and somewhat 'fresher' than their last offering. Unfortunately the Russian language still doesn't make too much sense to me, so I can't tell you anything about the lyrics. I do think, however, that Yuri Smolnikov definitely has his limitations as far as his vocals are concerned. On some tunes he gets away with it, because the vocals simply fit the material well, but on 'The Face Of A City', his vocals sound quite a bit 'off'.
The music is somewhat more organic than their last offering. More guitars, and an overall more rock-driven sound. The synthesizers forming the foundation of the Romislokus sound are still around, but a little more in the background. There are still prominent parts for the violins and cellos as lead instruments. General string arrangements sound synthesized to me.
The material was written with extensive arrangements in mind, and are often similar in structure: Verse - chorus - verse - chorus - go nuts.... :)
The fact that the lyrics are in Russion add - to me - a sort of 'exotic' feel to the material, lending it a somewhat 'dark' atmosphere. I assume that this is, however, a personal 'vibe' I get. Romislokus is still an odd band. They have a very distinct, own and original sound, balancing in-between rock, pop and new age-ish music.
Give 'em a shot if you can find the record. I have no idea in which parts of the worlds it should be available. Check romislokus.com for details.

Май, 2002.

Eef Vink


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