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Рецензия от Progressiove&Metall Music e-zine на альбом 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' (in English)

Рецензия от Progressiove&Metall Music e-zine на альбом

ROMISLOKUS - 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn'
The Project Romislokus started in 1998 in Kirov, Russia with: Yuri Chudinov, Evgeniy Korobkin, Mikhail Solovyov, Irina Yunakovskaya and Mikhail Brovarnik. Yuri Chudinov was born in 1955 in the Ural region, Russia. Studying hydrology at Hydrometeorological Institute in Odessa he organized his first rock band. They played classic rock music. In 1980 he began to compose his own music and lyrics. Against this background in Zaporozhye (Ukraine) in 1981 he also organized his first experimental rock - laboratory specializing in the training of young rock musicians. He developed his own original educational program. Then in 1991 in Tomsk (Western Siberia) and in 1995 in Kirov one after another he organized two rock - laboratories, where more than a hundred of musicians- beginners were successfully trained. Yuri Chudinov was qualified as Top Class music teacher. Evgeniy Gorelov and Mikhail Voronov began their music carriers in one and the same band in 1994. The name of this band was 'The Ocean'. They played soft and art rock. Romislokus was created as a result of the willingness of all of the musicians to experiment in the field of Progressive Rock combined elements of art rock and electronic music. For this purpose Maksim Karavaev (computer) was invited to join the project. Romislokus returns with the second album, as the first one,
It?s very hard to describe and to define the music of this Russian Project, with a variable instrumental, the band tends to be more traditionally melodic using a soft Progressive Rock, mixing elements as Techno Ambient Electronic and Experimental music, they use complex compositions but without extended instrumental explorations, realy they know combine a instrumental technique, the undulations of electronic textures became indispensable parts in all compositions, creating a new level and a diferent way in a progressive rock style, decorated with nice keyboards and violin notes, all vocals are in Russian and fit in excellently with the music. 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' is the second release with ten tracks, produced by Romislokus all lyrics by Yuri Chudinov and cover design by Andrey Gourianov. My special and particular attention to the songs: 'The Face Of A City' (Is the Best), '78', 'Absolute Control', 'Miss the Target', 'A Tree By The Wall' and 'Smoke'. Today Romislokus consist of the following musicians: Evgeniy Gorelov - Keyboards, Mikhail Voronov - Guitars, Yuri Smolnikov - Guitars, Vocal, Dmitriy Shelemetev - Drums, Maksim Karavaev - Computers, Mikhail Brovarnik - Bass, Irina Unakovskaya - Cello and Anna Goya - Violin, Vocal. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable…

Март, 2002.

Carlos Alberto Vaz Ferreira


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