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Рецензия от Progressive World.net на альбом 'Between Two Mirrors' (in English)

Рецензия от Progressive World.net на альбом

Occasionally an album comes out that seems to be broken up into 2 completely different types of music. The Russian band Romislokus's first release is one of these.
Between Two Mirrors begins as a rather mellow bit of avant-garde electronica. With the silky laid back feel of Roxy Music's late seventies sound mixed in with the trance ambient stylings of electronica today, the songs flow forth in an easy going flow. Fans that find this sound appealing will definitely enjoy this first half. The sound is far from being progressive and the electronic drums may not appeal to fans of the harder rock variations of prog rock.
On 'The Mist', track 6, the band suddenly changes direction. There's the hint of edgy guitar, flute samples and a proggy riff. Plus the band places their viola to the forefront. For the second half of the album, we suddenly hear a transformation to the darker moods of experimental bands like After Crying and the intellectual sound sculpting of earlier Brian Eno works. The electronica plays second fiddle to a more analog streamlined sound.
The seven minute final track, 'Three Colors,' explores all avenues of avant-garde music and with its soft female vocals, maintains an accessibility and warmth.
When I put on Between Two Mirrors, I find myself starting at this track and playing the CD to the end. And I do it over and over again.
If you like electronica, and like smoother, moodier sounds, Romislokus is a band who has put out an album that is very original and should appeal to you.

Ноябрь, 2001.

Richard Zywotkiewicz


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