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Рецензия от iO Pages magazine на альбом 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' (in English)

Рецензия от iO Pages magazine на альбом

Recorded in 2001 and 2002, these are the only signs of life we kwow of, so far, from the Russian Romislokus. On 'Between Two Mirrors' the let's you hear there somber side, characterized by the toneless singing of Yury Smolnikov. The group knows, however, how to create atmosphere (feeling).
On the opener 'Cold' for example, the sound color captures a still winter day in a snowy world.
The keyboards are clear and bombastic and give a profound effect to the song. On 'The Wood Cutter' the band goes modern, with modern rhythms.
Later, they are going in the direction of Ozric Tenacles (an English psychedelic band) such as on their song 'Through the Love.' 'Give a Chance' is enriched with a Cello, and 'The Mist' is commanded by careful subtlety.
'Termites' reminds you of Pink Floyd's 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' but not in an obvious way, just in feeling. We are only hearing real drums on the Jazzy Minute and the New Age from Jackdaws. 'Three Colors is a somber variant on the English band Simple Mind, but then more changing with a classical touch from the keyboards on the end.
The new cd Vinyl Spring Digital Winter is again something different. The keyboards are unfortunately shoved into the background. The music still has a captivating mood to it, but lacks strong keyboard melodies associated with symphonic music. 'Absolute Control' has very interesting keyboards and sounds, but yet again, they are in the background. On 'It is Winter' I thought of the band Ultravox en OMD, Floyd's Another Brick in The Wall with space rock influences. And then still a trance and dance in 'Tuner, soft jazz on 'Substance' and pop rock on 'Smoke.' I'm slightly more impressed with Between Two Mirrors.

Июнь, 2002.

Jurriaan Hage


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