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Рецензия от InternetEd Music Review Site на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от InternetEd Music Review Site на альбом

All Day Home is Russian progressive rock band Romislokus' third album. Although the term 'progressive rock' helps to depict the broad musical style of this group, it does not effectively describe their distinctive sound that includes melodic alternative guitars, effect laden synthesizer tones, and artistically abstract lyrics. Unlike Romislokus' last album, Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn, which consisted of purely Russian lyrics, All Day Home features lyrics performed in English all the way through, with the exception of two tracks, one in Italian, the other in French. Basically, the sound on All Day Home is a bit faster and more rock oriented than on the mostly electro-ambient/acoustic Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn, although the distinctive stamp of Romislokus' multihued sound is still evident. The biggest change between this album and the previous are the guitars, which have been given a volume boost and tend to use more distortion than before. Otherwise, the subtle keyboards, calmly performed vocals, and thick bass share about the same proportion of the production that they did on the band's previous work. The general impression is that the band has progressed to a new sound that is a balance of both refreshingly different and contentedly familiar elements, making for an entirely enjoyable listen.
Opening track, 'Cool' is a catchy prog rock song with some excellent hook riffs and an overall dazzling musical arrangement, while 'Dreg' is an interesting tune with an eerily ambient Pink Floyd style verse and a pleasantly bizarre chorus. The brief yet sublime 'L'amour' features a variety of outstanding bass and bluesy guitar melodies coupled with French lyrics, and the space ballad titled 'If' incorporates some well-orchestrated keyboards and piano as well as tactful guitar riffs and vocal lines. On 'Freedom,' the word 'freedom' itself is personified in the creative lyrics that are conveyed throughout the resonant verses and anthemic choruses, while 'Tired' is an interesting track with some unexpectedly funky guitar fills. Romislokus unleashes some of their most directly engaging music on 'Name,' a song driven by highly melodic guitars and deep, harmonious vocals. Closing out All Day Home are two tracks from the band's last album (the pristine Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn), 'A Tree By The Wall' and 'Captain Zero,' the former of which is a majestic song with an entrancing ambience and the latter of which is an immensely enjoyable progressive/alternative rock song. Generally, if you appreciate innovative and honest music with progressive rock overtones, then Romislokus' All Day Home is the perfect album for you.
Summary: Amusing and experimental prog rock album from this talented Russian band

Ноябрь, 2002.

Justine Becke


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