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Рецензия от European Progressive Rock Reviews на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от European Progressive Rock Reviews на альбом

The band Romislokus return with the follow up to their magnificent 2nd album 'Vinyl Spring Digital Autumn'. This time round the vocals are in English with one song in Italian & one in French due, no doubt, to the highly acclaimed critical success in Europe of their previous album. I have to add though that I had no problems with their last album being in their mother tongue which seemed give the band a dark edge and a sense of mystery. I look upon the voice as being another instrument that adds to the overall sound. I have to admit though that the opening track took me by surprise compared to their previous work. This song seems to have been purposely written for the European market and sounds as though it would go down well in Italy, as may the whole album. I thought 'hmm', this band are moving away from their highly original work to try and crash into more lucrative commercial areas. This was soon forgotten when they regained all the past glory and passion of their previous album on the following track 'Dreg'.
Next, the reworked 'The Tree By The Wall'. For this new rendition the vocals are in English and by anyone's standards this track is a million miles better than most songs composed today. If that were not enough they finish off this album with yet another equally magnificent reworked track, 'Captain Zero', with its jangly guitars and eventually, a haunting cello and female voices entering the fray. They lift this track into the stratosphere. A no.1 hit anywhere in anyone's book, if it got airplay. No reservation at all about this statement. I have to say though that the under use of the cello and the female vocals on this album is regrettable.
As for other tracks that stand out, Track 3, 'L'amour' has touches of ambient, rock and commercial influences and links effortlessly into the haunting opening of 'If' with its tasteful piano and laid-back feel that builds with crashing guitars and keys.
If it were not for tracks, 'I'm Tired' and initially, the opener, 'Cool' and 'Freedom', this album would have turned out as I expected. I have to admit that even the latter two songs grew on me and eventually turned out to be among my favourites.
'All Day Home' is not so dark, brooding and musically thoughtful as their previous offering and Yuri Smolnikov's vocals are not so husky, but nonetheless this is a grand third album. It encroaches and embraces more of a commercial direction, no more so than on the delightful lightweight and happy 'Name' and 'Persici' where Yuri Smolnikov's superb vocals are shown at there best, nice touches from the cello on this track. One last thought, commercialism is not always a bad thing, is it? As long as the band don't loose their identity along the way. After saying that in their short career Romislokus have never been afraid to experiment or embrace any influence or direction that grabs their attention . A wonderful album that grows with every listening. 85%

Декабрь, 2002.



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