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Рецензия от Eufonia.net на альбом 'Between Two Mirrors' (in English)

Рецензия от Eufonia.net на альбом

From Russia... with a lot of creativity! An enjoyable surprise.
This is hard-to-define music. Although you have the impression that you've heard it somewhere else, you can't tell where. This is maybe because of the combination of various elements: programming, cello, bass, guitars, the whole musical mood, the freshness, the use of their language (even if you don't understand Russian: you can check the lyrics at their official website), and finally, the fact that this music comes from Russia.
The album opens with the ambient 'Cold' (maybe I have to use the term 'slower beat'). It's not until 'The Wood Cutter' that you begin to realize what to expect of 'Between Two Mirrors'. The style begins to 'change' although interestingly, the mood prevails thanks to the good guitar reverb and Yuriy's voice narrating -not singing- in 'Through the love'. The singing begins in my favorite for airing in the radio: 'The Thunderstorm Is Coming' where the whole band make a superb job. Even when it's the track with the most synthetic drum programming, it's the album first single.
The band continues to grow with the melancholic 'The Mist'. Cello and bass along with the bells identifies the origins of Romislokus in the powerful 'Termite' (my favorite along with 'The Thunderstorm...'), followed by the psicho-technodelic 'Minute', the ballad on 'Jackdaws' and the culmination with the superb 'Three Colors'.
And please, don't misunderstand me: this album doesn't come to its final tracks from a less quality beggining. Romislokus open our ears track by track to a concert of creativity and good music. If we can obviate some production details that you may notice only at the end of each track: sometimes very abrupt (or it is my subconscious that doesn't want the songs to end?), this is a great debut!

Сентябрь, 2001.

Ciro Velazquez


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