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Рецензия от RottersClub.net на альбом 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' (in English)

Рецензия от RottersClub.net на альбом

From cold Russia, this band composed by seven musicians reach the second album with its music made of various colours. In fact Romislokus point on a mix of different sounds and styles that make the album particularly variegated. Thus they pass from near staring romantic progressive situations ('The snow of the rails', '78', 'Substance') to some diversified ones that go more near to space-rock ('Absolute control', 'Miss the target', 'Tuner') and symphonic pop ('It is winter', 'Smoke'); the whole this without disdaining transient incursions in a kind of modern 'ambient-jazz' ('A tree by the wall'), melodic ballads ('The face of a city') and right doses of electronics here and there.
The songs never are too long, but they are created with refinement and are well sung in mother-tongue by Yuri Smolnikov, and the large instrumentations, with the classic rock instruments and cello, violin, soft backing voclas and various samplers, allow a wide range of sounds that makes the album very heterogeneous. The purposed music is good, so as the recordings, excpecially thinking of the self-production, and the contrasts between acoustic and electronic sounds have their glamour, but perhaps the group should be better point to a lower number of ways, considering that there are good qualities, but we can also notice some fragmentarities. Successful! Waiting for the 'maturity examination'

Ноябрь, 2002.

Giuseppe Di Spirito


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