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Рецензия от Progressiveears на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от Progressiveears на альбом

Member: ffroyd - 01/20/03
Russian band Romislokus had a very busy 2002. Early in the year they put out the CD 'Vinyl Spring Digital Autumn' and wouldn't you know they also managed to squeeze another great one out before the year was over. The progress the band has made between the two releases is astounding as well.
Most of you probably haven't heard them so a short description may be in order. Romislokus (the meaning of their name is still basically a mystery) have a style that I'd call pop/modern rock but what sets them apart from many other bands is their liberal use of synths and textures. Not only are there strange wonderful noises that are dominant throughout the music but there are also many atmospheric sounds that create a nice mood. There's also the excellent cello work of Irina Yunakovskaya. Her wonderful playing is sometimes hard to pick out but it does add nice dimension to the music. All Day Home is much fuller than it's predecessor and they are continually experimenting with new sounds. They've also aquired a real drummer now so the rythmns sound much less mechanical but the electronic percussion element does remain.
Another major difference on this disc is that singer/lyricist Yuri Smolnikov has switched from singing in Russian to English. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. On the good side, his deep voice still sounds excellent and now English speaking folks can understand what he's saying. On the bad side, they lyrics get a bit confusing through the translation. I only have a minor problem with it though, it's not enough to ruin the album at all, in fact some lyrics are quite humorous like: 'Welcome the knight of hot-dogs and donuts, You came to know what is the difference, Between you and lover of raviolis and fried potatoes, Who are you: dipsomaniac or magus?' English is not the only language represented on the CD though. There is also a song sung in French and another in Italian.
My favorite songs on the album so far are 'Dreg' (the lyrics I quoted in the last paragraph), 'If' (which contains some amazingly beautiful keyboard parts) and also the last song, 'Captain Zero' (a beautiful and powerful ballad that closes out the CD). In closing, I'd say that folks who enjoy bands like Marillion and Porcupine Tree will find enough to like about Romislokus. They do have a very adventurous attitude and they aren't trying to sound like any other band. I hope 2003 is an even more productive year for this excellent band.

Январь, 2003.

Floyd Bledsoe


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