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Рецензия от ProgNaut.com на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от ProgNaut.com на альбом

Artist: Romislokus
Title: All Day Home
Producted by: Romislokus
Label/ Date: Self release/ 2002
1. Cool [3:35]
2. Dreg [4:45]
3. L'amour* [3:03]
4. If [5:38]
5. Freedom [4:17]
6. I'm Tired [4:08]
7. Name [2:51]
8. Persici** [4:37]
9. Tree By The Wall [6:11]
10. Captain Zero [5:42]
* sung in French
** sung in Italian
The Review:
Romislokus's third release All Day Home is a very nice collection of art rock/ prog pop music.
Romislokus is Russia's answer to the American prog pop band such as Izz, Bubblemath & some of Echolyn with it's memorable melodies and catchy yet complex instrumentation.
Very modern with the usage of computers and keyboards. Seems that they did their homework. The music is very atmospheric and sombre, while a bit more aggressive in some parts that wasn't evident in their last CD.
With this release they added a different element than in the previous efforts, the addition of English lyrics. This in my opinion opens more dors for the band especially within the afore mentioned band's fan base.
Romislokus has a bright future and I hope that more people are turned on to this wonderful band! Maybe this review may help?
~Ron for ProgNaut.com [February 16th, 2003]
Band Members:
Evgeniy Gorelov - Keyboards
Mikhail Voronov - Guitars
Yuri Smolnikov - Rhythm-guitar, Vocals
Dmitriy Shelemetev - Drums
Maksim Platunov - Computers
Mikhail Brovarnik - Bass
Irina Yunakovskaya - Cello

Февраль, 2003.

Ron Fuch


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