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Рецензия от Prognosis на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от Prognosis на альбом

Country: Russia
Year: 2002
Style-Genre: Progressive Rock
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All Day Home is the 3rd release by the russian band Romislokus. The band showed some evolution on their compositions and musicianship. Most of the tracks are sung in English (except one in Italian, and one in French) and also, the music has a more commercial approach compared to the earlier releases. However, these changes hasn't decreased the quality of the band's work, rather, they tell us of a band in evolution who is seeking new horizons, trying to reach a wider audience, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Romislokus propose a mix of elements from their influence bands blended togheter with their own ideas, resulting in the finest popish/alternative progressive rock out there. The ambient/atmospheric keyboard textures from the older records are still in place here, but the guitars gained more distortion standing out a little more. In summary the music delivered in this record can barely be described as progressive rock, I'd rather say it fits more into some sort of sophisticated alternative ambient rock per se. It should appeal to fans of Ultravox or Roxy Music.
Prognosis - Progressive Rock & Fusion

Март, 2003.

Bruno Aun


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