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Рецензия от Alternative Rock Review на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

The guys from Russian progressive rock band Romislokus' sent me their third album 'All Day Home' all the way from Moscow. The band consist of (takes a deep breath) Smolnikov, Mikhail Voronov, Mikhail Brovarnik, Anna Goya (violino), Irina Yunakovskaya (violon cello), Evgeniy Gorelov (keyboards), Dmitriy Shelemetev and Maksim Karavaev.
I falsely assumed the music would be generic heavy metal before listening to a note, but was surprised to hear melodic, 70s influenced classic rock with synthesiser tones. My immediate reaction was mellow Pink Floyd, although I've read other reviewers mention Tindersticks and Roxy Music as comparisons.
The previous album 'Vinyl Spring, Digital Autumn' (cool title BTW) was exclusively sang in Russian lyrics, understandable as Romislokus are singing in native tongue. However, 'All Day Home' features lyrics performed in English with exception of two tracks, one in Italian, the other in French. I don't know why for this change as I would have enjoyed the Russian lyrics, maybe it's to break the Western market and expand the fan-base further.
This record is so unfashionable that it's very refreshing to hear when most bands are jumping onto the latest rap-metal/post-grunge trends - the electronics employed are more vintage analogue than 21st Century cutting edge. Take second track ''Dreg' as a case in point, the relaxing vibe of the verses are accompanied with strings and other subtle touches, that is until the chorus comes in with the gruff growl of the word DREG!. repeatedly forcing it's way into the brain. I quite like 'L'amour' as well, naturally sang in French, and is an all too brief 2:55 minutes long. Ah yes, the melodic 'Freedom' has a very interesting intro guitar riff, launching into a mid-tempo rocker with flourishes of ambient textures. The following 'I'm Tired' keeps to the mid-tempo formula but this time has a jazzy feel, and the straining of the words I'm Tired encapsulating the mood of the song.
Normally 70's styled prog-rock leaves me bored, but 'All Day Home' kept my interest throughout, mainly listening out for the diverse instruments that enlivened a song when it appeared it was going no-where. The choruses are strong, especially on 'Dreg' and due to not following modern trends, it's highly unlikely the album will date. All in all I give Romislokus the thumbs up if you like laid-back rock with diversity.

Март, 2003.

Nick Collings


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