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Рецензия от Caladan на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от Caladan на альбом

1.Cool - 3:35 / 2.Dreg - 4:32 / 3.L'Amour - 2:55 / 4.If - 5:37 /5.Freedom - 4:17 / 6.I'm Tired - 4:08 / 7.Name - 2:51 / 8.Persici - 4:37 / 9.Tree By The Wall - 6:09 / 10.Captain Zero - 5:42
Total time: 44:49
Evgeniy Gorelov - kbds. / Mikhail Voronov - g. / Yuri Smolnikov - g.,voc. / Dmitry Shelemetev - dr. / Maksim Caravaev - computers / Mikhail Brovarnik - bass. / Irina Yunakovskaya - clo
Romislokus - 2002
Note : 7

This album is strange... even bizzare in some parts, but there's something about it. Romislokus is a Russian band. 'All day home' is their first album with English lyrics and their third effort in general. As for the music... hmmm... at first sight (or rather hearing) it seems to be chaotic. These seven people move throughout various music genres, such as space rock, new wave and some provincial_wedding stuff... The first listening evoked surprise and slight contempt. The music seemed too weird, but as I have already mentioned, there's something about it. Therefore I came back to that record once again and I must admit that it's interesting. Apparently there's a method to this seeming chaos and the musicians manage to embrace it. 'Cool' resembles new wave, 'Dreg' is a bit dark. 'L'amour' - the title says it all. It couldn't be more French. No! I am not going to analyze the songs one by one, because it doesn't make any sense. This album will definetly not satisfy enthusiasts of Genesis and Fish-lead Marillion, but it's a must for people interested in new sounds and willing to accept new impressions. I guarantee that, at least in a few parts of this recording, those Russians will amaze you. 'Freedom' for instance, has a really nice melody and powerful vocals (a strong point of Romislokus!) but is all of a sudden broken by some freaky sounds. As for 'Name'... I'm helpless. On the one hand it's very similar to the most disgraceful 'achievements' of disco-polo bands (disco-polo is a specific polish dance music, only for tough guys;). On the other hand I feel that somehow the album would be less interesting and more monotonous without it. 'Tis strange, isn't it? What's even more weird,is that at first listening, this recording will just pass you by and leave you indifferent to it. However with each successive playing of this album, you will discover more new and interesting elements. Without reservation I can state that Romislokus plays progressive rock,and far more progressive music than efforts of Pendragon, Arena or Porcupine Tree. (I mercifully don't mention the recent Marillion albums) Go for this album, it's worth it.

Апрель, 2003.



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