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Рецензия от DMME.NET на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от DMME.NET на альбом

All Day Home
No matter what the title suggest, there's no hint of agoraphobia.
It comes as a surprise: with all the classic rock popularity in USSR, Russian bands are still rare in the field. Yet when they emerge, they do rock - witness ROMISLOKUS. Bubbly guitar melody of 'Cool', the opener of this album, their second, is able to find a way to both the prog lovers and the MTV eaters. But while clever English lyrics and various effect add up to the tastiness, not everything here bristles with immediacy, 'L'Amour' and 'Persici' (sung in French and Italian respectively) taking an alt course to ram it all home with piano-driven melancholy of 'If' and space rock of spacious 'Freedom'. The coldness of those may come as an explanation for the title, yet there's a warm shot in a form of '60s-styled 'Name', which points towards greater things - are they out of the doors yet?

Апрель, 2003.

Dmitry M. Epstein

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