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Рецензия от Prog Lands на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от Prog Lands на альбом

This is the third CDs of this Russian band, and it is really not progressive all the way. There is a lot of pop-rock music from different style, American and English rock, Italian popular rock, rock'n'roll, techno-pop music, Alternative rock, Electronic effects, folk, classical music, ambient music and prog, yes it rest some place for few prog here and it seems to be like WATERS and GABRIEL music. There is enough kinds in this album to call this music progressive as I see elsewhere, but to me only a little part of it is prog.
'Cool' start as 'MEN AT WORKS' with some more electronic things, really alternative like song. 'Dreg', could be like GABRIEL with a diabolic trend in it on some parts. 'L'Amour' start also with an alternative trend and turning to a poppish blues-rock when is the time of the french vocals. 'If' remind me the rock of CLAPTON or BOWIE in a more adult-rock trend. 'Freedom' is another time looking as BOWIE and GABRIEL with a great refrain with nice keys and good drumming at the end. 'I'm Tired' is a funky based song with some crazy guitar a bit like in the KC's 'Elephant Talk' song. 'Name' is a slow dance of the rock'n'roll's period, a little trip here through the 50's. 'Persici' got a cool cello line, that give a little prog trend, rest of the song is more as an Italian's soft rock in the beginning and as a popular soap opera like song or beach music later. 'Tree by the Wall', start with some ambient element but turn rapidly toward a WATERS/GABRIEL mixed-up and remind the track 'Far from the Harbour Wall' from RICK WRIGHT. It's the more progressive one from this album to my sense and contain a very cool strange side, the song contain two parts that are more electronic, the second one end the song. 'Captain Zero' remid me U2, TEARS FOR FEARS, with a nice ending with female vocals.
So finally do not think to find a lot of prog here, and anything new also, except some weird mix between different style by the different instruments, but the music is well done, good production, big sound and especially a very large range of style and sounds. Great cello also and two guitarist. I am far than being a purist, I like what the band do because they do it well and with heart, but it's not really an album for the fans of the FLOWER KING or even YES.

Июнь, 2003.

Denis Taillefer


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