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Рецензия от 1340mag.com на альбом 'Single 2003' (in English)

Рецензия от 1340mag.com на альбом

Although the world of music is looking towards Russia these days because of the teen sensations T.A.T.U., a band like Romsilokus will hopefully not go unnoticed. This independent album features a 7 member band that is reminiscent of early to mid-eighties new wave for the most part. The band’s synthesized guitar sound, computer samples, nice use of keyboards, and even keeled vocals will surely bring to mind artists like David Byrne (Talking Heads), Falco, The Eurythmics, and Peter Gabriel. There are some songs here that incorporate world influence also, like the extremely catchy 'Lucky Man' with its penny whistle and pulsating bass. I’d say that Romislokus has a lot in common with the more straightforward sounding parts of Peter Gabriel’s solo career. The musicianship here is excellent, the songs (although a bit on the laid back sounding side) are interesting to listen to, and it the band delivers a great cover of Paul McCartney’s 'Wild Life', can you really ask for much more than that? Fans of independent music will find a nice haven in this album.
Key Song: 'Captain Zero'

Июнь, 2003.

Mark Fisher


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