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Рецензия от Prog-PT на альбом 'All Day Home' (in English)

Рецензия от Prog-PT на альбом

Finding progressive music related works from Russia is not an easy task. In between some other less known or even simply unknown names come Romislokus. However, and truth must be said, it's also not that easy to find common elements to progressive style in these russian's music. There are seven elements forming up this project: Evgeny Gorelov on keyboards, Mikhail Voronov on guitar, Yuri Smolnikov on guitar and vocals, Dmitry Shelemetev on drums, Maksim Karavaev on computer, Mikhail Brovarnik on bass and Irina Yunakovskaya on cello. Everything starts with a slight approach to 80's new wave, quite clear in the majorly electronic instrumentation in COOL, allied with a foolish pop tendency. DREG already shows a bit more complex structure and some courage on composition, but all without a clearly defined goal. From now on, we will not listen anything really new. IF and FREEDOM manage to provide a slight approach to some King Crimson tracks of the 80s. However, the extreme amateurishness and the weak production don't let the good intentions to reach their objective. Other more radical tracks like I'M TIRED or TREE BY THE WALL reveal some Peter Gabriel influences, although taken to more psychedelic fields. It's really hard to perceive the main goal of this project since being half-way through to several well defined music styles doesn't seem to me a good strategy.

Июнь, 2003.



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