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Рецензия от Alternative Rock Review на альбом 'Trans Aviation Pilots' (in English)

The album 'Trans Aviation Pilots' is the second time I've reviewed Romislokus, after 'All Day Home' back in 2003. Since then, the band has been hard at work writing more adult-orientated rock sang mostly in Polish and Russian vocals. There are so many different styles, it would be inaccurate to class 'Trans Aviation Pilots' as a pure rock album, lots of Pink Floyd atmosphere dominates the songs, with smatterings of acoustic guitar, synthesiser and strings throughout. Second track 'Take My Heart' boasts a mean guitar lick and almost soundtrack quality in the tone and 'Just Dream' contains English lyrics making a change from the surrounding tracks (to my untrained ear). Nothing here feels rushed or hurried, each song unwinds at its leisurely pace, unafraid to mix in folk, progressive and drum machine touches. Talking of Pink Floyd, there's even a song called 'Money' that turns out not to be a cover of the 'Dark Side Of The Moon' classic, instead a calming original with space effects and what sounds like a church bell approximately half way through! Thinking of the clean guitar tone employed, it does remind me of 1980s era Dire Straits, the way it doesn't dominate the mix, letting in other less obvious instruments. If you enjoy your music void of adolescent posturing and bluster in favour of sleek, atmospheric AOR, Romislokus is a match made in heaven.

Март, 2004.

Nick Collings


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