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Рецензия от European Progressive Rock Reviews на альбом 'Trans Aviation Pilots' (in English)

Рецензия от European Progressive Rock Reviews на альбом

The Moscow based band return with another example of their unique brand of inventive rock that is equal to their previous works. I have no idea what the music scene is like in Moscow but if this band is representative of it then there must be something special going on. The major thing about these guys is the way they blend Anglo and Latin influences into their material. This time their classic tracks "Captain Zero" and "Tree Behind The Wall" are not here but this album does contain another classic, namely "Money" which should easily become as important as the aforesaid songs with its tubular bells, chiming guitars and hammond organ. The track "Flanders Fields", the poem written by John McCrae and put to music, demonstrates the Ango/latin influences to perfection and actually comes out like something Mark Knopfler could have written, this is another classic moment for Romislokus. This new album is more thoughtful than their previous one and it creates a great atmosphere, no doubt due to the fact that the cello is back in a big way alongside acoustic guitars and great use of the keyboards. The end result is that the overall mood and direction is more in the style of their "Vinyl Spring Digital Autumn" album of a couple of years back. Track 5, "Come Tomorrow", is a typical example of where Romislokus bring all these elements together; synths, great percussion, drums, guitars and computers. Even on the rockier tracks the mood is irresistible, especially when they remind me of "Kraftwerk" and "Men Without Hats" on the track "Rocking Time".
The cello is at its best on the sinister sounding "Being In A Plastic Box" and the deep but light sounding "Computer Moon" which could nearly be described as a Russian equivalent to an acoustic blues song. The cello again is particularly effective on the haunting "Take My Heart". This track demonstrates the strength and importance of the cello when it blends in with an acoustic guitar and yes, even when the keys and electric guitar enter, the drone of the cello still adds to the tension. There are also a couple of light and extremely commercial songs; the happy and carefree "Lucky Man" and the more thoughtful "Just Dream", both of which add to the delight of this album and work brilliantly alongside the more heavyweight tracks. Lastly, they have included a video of the band performing "Dreg". We at E.P.R.R. feel that this band deserve all the praise they can get, they really are special, so we have included them in our new "Rock" Hall Of Fame. This album deserves 90%

Март, 2004.



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