Ambient music from rock band ROMISLOKUS - Official web-site. Source of new ambient music with free mp3 downloads. Music lyrics, music video, reviews and interviews of the band
Ambient music from russian rock band ROMISLOKUS - Official web-site. Source of new rock music with free mp3 downloads. Music lyrics, music video, reviews and interviews of the band
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Ambient music from progressive rock band Romislokus: new rock music, free mp3 downloads, music lyrics, free music video, live concerts, reviews and interviews of the band

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Official web-site of russian prog rock band Romislokus: new rock music, free mp3 downloads, music lyrics, free music video, live concerts, reviews and interviews of the band

Ambient music

Ambient music is environmental. It is meant to mimic or enhance the sounds of everyday life, not to necessarily be rhythmic, melodic or any other thing traditionally associated with music. Ambient can, of course, contain any of those elements, but it does not necessarily have to. They say Brian Eno was a pioneer in this genre...

For the first time we found out about ambient style from review for Romislokus' first album "Between Two Mirrors" by Keith "Muzikman" Hanneleck:
"I heard Russian lyrics and some ambient music. I really liked what I heard.
The music is an interesting blend of ambient and progressive with just a slight hint of jazz around the edges. This isn't real exciting music, it's too ethereal and light to fall into that category. This is the kind of music you need to sit down and listen to intently to decide what it can do for you, it's simple as that. It was a relaxing trip to outer space for me. We all need to leave this plane on occasion to regenerate and this music opened that door."
'Between Two Mirrors' - album of Romislokus with ambient sound

Of course, we knew a lot about using noises, effects, different exotic sound combinations in soundtracks for movies and concrete music. The unique evidence in this field were the albums of Pink Floyd, where sounds of real world and different kind of effects were naturally inserted into musical structure. We were strongly impressed by music of Pink Floyd. We try to developed their magic in our art. Occasionally opinions of music experts about ambient style are contradictory and differently. Sometimes it is difficult to describe ambient music. Brian Eno was the first who officially coined the phrase "ambient". The classical determinations of ambient are: "The way a place makes you feel" and "Slow electronic music that you listen when you want to relax". Artemiy Artemiev, in our personal meeting, told us about availability of ambient elements in our music. He told that music of Romislokus hasn't direct relation to ambient music in its classical expression and just enters to ambient as subgenre. And we couldn't take part in a festival organized by him.
Acoustic instruments (cello, guitars, piano) create ambient atmosphere in Romislokus' music
Initially we determined our style as "electro acoustic rock" because we try to combine three main components: electronic, computer effects and acoustic instruments (cello, guitars, piano). Response to our conception was the opinion of e-zine Vocal component and lyrics are important, and to understand Yuri's lyrics is not very easy without some level of mind forces.

On the other hand were radiostations broadcasting ambient music , common opinion were music of Romislokus is not usual ambient art. In a reality it has an ambient component. In some compositions it is appreciable, and in the others it is completely absent. We experimented a lot with a sound. Each our song expresses some condition of the world we try to recreate (in an ideal) and the sounds of the real world are used for these purposes. Undoubtedly, ambient music, constantly being changed and testing influences of other styles, will become more popular. Though it's a pity that now ambient isn't really the actual music so much as the way it is perceived by the general cd buying public. We want to make ambient music more accessible for perception. And the first way we see in combination with rock music. On opinion of Japanese composer Tsutomu Maruhama, Romislokus make ambient sounding warm opposite to majority of products in this style where eternal cold wind blows.

Now practice of making ambient music forces musicians to be skilled in different areas of science because this art is practice of philosophizing mind. On our opinion, ambient is the way of comprehension of the world with the help of creation the original sound structures, transferring world's conditions in time. Without deep investigation in disputes with topic "What is ambient?" we attribute part of Romislokus' sound to this style.

Reviewers about ambient in music of Romislokus:

'Well, It's very hard to describe the music of this Russian project, let's go back to years 70 and make a blend with the bands 'Embryo', 'Kraftwerk', 'Can', 'Vangelis' and others in the same musical line, now let's go to the future and including new electronic technologies, you will have a amazing Ambient and Experimental sounds with travelling space rhythmics...' (from Progressiove&Metall Music e-zine). Download mp3: L`amour (2.9Mb)
'Ahh Day Home' - album of Romislokus with space ambient sound

'A Tree By The Wall'. This track has a Spanish/Latin sound that conjures up images of spaghetti westerns then darts off into ambient areas followed by some chilling cello notes, eventually returning to the opening theme. This really is quality composing. (from European Progressive Rock Reviews).
Download mp3: Tree By The Wall (5.9Mb)

'Cold', one realises that the band place a lot of importance on the ambient sound created by the keyboards. Sometimes the music does tend to hark back to the kraut-rock days of bands such as Can and Kraftwerk, and possibly the reason for the song being called Cold was the very fact that much of the works by these greats was described as being too cold and calculated
Download mp3: Cold (5.2Mb)

'Three Colours' - experimental ambient song from Romislokus
As the rest of the album remains within the same ambient soundscape with Floydian surroundings amidst Eno-esque effects and at times Van Morrisonian vocalisations, we come to the closing number, Three Colours, which is in my opinion the highlight of the album' (from The Dutch Progressive Rock Page).
Download mp3: Three Colours (5.8Mb)

'The Snow of the Rails: An ambient, almost techno texture takes this cut up to the verse, a balladic and dramatic one. Waves of keys wash over, and I don?t know why but it feels a little like Kraftwerk meets Marillion (Hogarth era). The intensity increases after a time, just building on the same structures. (From Music Street Journal).
Download mp3: Snow on the Rails (5.8Mb)

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